I Have Seasoned Dry Firewood For Sale at very reasonable prices.  I cut all my wood 14 to 16 inches long and split it down nicely so it can be handled by everyone.  If I can not pick the piece of wood up on either end with one hand I run it back through the splitter.

Working in the firewood has helped pay for room & board while this young man finished college!  Thanks Shaun for all your hard work!
Josh,  Helps rig a log to be loaded on the log truck!  I don't know why they're using the loader.  Looks like to me Josh could just throw that little stick up on the truck all by himself.  Thank You Josh for all your help!!
We have been a family run business for a number of years.  I started cutting wood for extra money to help out financially while I was off in the winter time.  I worked in the construction industry and winters could be long and slow.  Being raised on the Ranch, hard work was not a problem but a way of life.  I'm happy to say some of my customers have been with me for over thirty years.
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